Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding


  • Dog boarding with 26 spacious, fully enclosed INDOOR dog kennels
  • Dog kennels vary in size from large to small to accommodate all sized dogs. Average Kennel space is 5.09sqm
  • PetHouse - limited additional enclosures that are fully housed and close to our office for more frequent monitoring. Excellent for frail, old, very young, timid, or homesick dogs with reassurance people nearby
  • Grassed and concrete outdoor runs for each guest
  • 800sqm fully enclosed, multipurpose exercise area
  • Separate areas for allergic dogs to stretch their legs
  • Misting systems in the runs for those hot summer days
  • Food and bedding provided - you may also bring your pet's (clearly labelled) bedding and toys
  • Short stays less than 7 days, please provide your pet/s regular diet
  • Dry food provided is Super Coat and Pedigree
  • Doggy Day Care, socialisation and integration opportunities

Dog boarding is the perfect arrangement for your dog for several reasons.

You may have a need to travel but are unable to take your dog with you. There may be times when you have an appointment or work and don't want to leave your dog home alone or need your dog to have medication regularly administered.

You may simply wish for your dog to be socialised with other dogs to reduce loneliness and discourage developing bad habits out of boredom. Our Doggy Day Care is excellent for this.

Whatever the reason, dog boarding is an excellent solution to finding outside care for your pet. Our spacious dog kennels and grassed runs under shady trees feel like home, your dog will have opportunities for play, rest, peace and quiet and interacting with others if desired.

Your dog will be cared for by experienced staff who will provide companionship for a play or a quiet pat, comfort and reassurance where needed and an ongoing assessment and management of your dog’s well-being throughout the stay.

We observe how each newly introduced dog interacts with others and group similar size/temperament dogs into the same areas but separated by run or enclosure fences. We spend additional time with dogs that are nervous, known jumpers or showing signs of separation anxiety.

We also offer a unique Doggy Day Pass to boarding dogs so they can spend time with their family having a walk on the beach or a swim and then return to us for dinner and bed.

Our policy is that no dogs share space unless you are happy to give written approval.

Our facilities provide high wall enclosures to minimise draughts and possible stress from the proximity of neighbouring dogs, soothing music, hammock beds, comfortable clean bedding, individual clean water supply at hand at all times inside and out in their runs.

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